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The heart of Georgia


Coming into the sphere of a Georgian family is like ap- proaching the heart of Georgia. Inside the family you will feel and come close to the values, strength and tradition that Georgia is founded on. Throughout history Georgia has been invaded by numerous conquerors, and have, against all odds, managed to take care of culture and tradition during these difficult times. This has given rise to pride and an awareness of Georgian tradition and identity which is present in most Georgian families also today.

In Georgia several generations are often living together. The family represents "small Georgia", where everyone take care and involve themselves in the well-fare of the family, in upbringing of the children and caretaking of the elderly members. From this comprehensive family-tradition, the children learn to treat elderly people with respect already from childhood.

"Family" has a broader definition compared to many western societies: In Georgia the closest neighbors may also be considered as a part of the family.


Furthermore godfathers and godmothers are considered as the inner family-circle through seven generations. Traditionally, the father is considered as the head of the family. Everyone, inclusive the men, know however that the women are the pillars and have the leading hand in maintaining the family life. This is clearly visible at the top of the hill over the old part of Tbilisi city: Here stands the statue "Mother of Georgia" with a cup of wine in the one hand and a sword in the other. The wine she uses for welcoming friends and guests, while enemies are welcomed with the sword.

Also the Georgian family has lately been undertaking changes in the same way as the rest of the Georgian society, due to rapid changes and increased orientation towards Europe and the west. This is a crucial challenge: How to handle the globalization which is inevitable also for Georgia, but at the same time also take care of, and preserve the Georgian tradition and culture which has brought strength to the country and the families throughout history?


Wedding in the Church. Photo: Levan Chkhatarashvili © all rights reserved.