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Introduction to Georgia

Georgia in the Caucasus is located on the historical Silk Road at the borderland between Europe and Asia, surrounded by the Black Sea, the Great Caucasus Mountains and the countries Armenia, Azer- baijan, Russia and Turkey. Georgia has an old and rich history and culture, with the rise of the Georgian kingdom in the 4th century BC, and ancient folklore and wine-cultivating tradition going thousands of years back in history. Georgia converted to Christianity in 337 AD, and the Georgian Orthodox Church has played an important role in keeping Georgia unified in spite of influence and invasions from numerous conquerors throughout history.


Georgia is especially known for it's immense hospitality, wine- and table-tradition, poetry, folk music and dance, architectural heritage and folk arts/handicraft. The country has a beautiful nature covering all the climatic zones from sub-tropic to arctic, and can offer manifold landscapes and sceneries divided on small areas and regions. Unfortu- nately, Caucasus is also challenged by diversified political interests, and also Georgia is subject to international political agendas. During the latest years Georgia has increased it's orientation towards Europe and the US.



One question arises: How did the small Georgian nation with the specific culture and tradition hold out against all the devastating invasions throughout history? Here we have to search in the peculiarity of the Georgians mentality, with the unconditional love for their native land, their willingness of self-sacrifice combined with their open-minded mentality and optimism. Furthermore, Georgians have a strong pride for their culture and tradition maintained by their ancestors through history. Finally, the Georgian Orthodox Church and Georgian's belief in the protection from the Mother of God has contributed strongly to Georgian's self-sustaining force and sense of unity.


During the last decade Georgia has developed rapidly, improving roads and infrastructure, reforming the economy and educational systems and opened up for foreign investors and visitors. In spite of the brief war with Russia in 2008, Georgia has become safe and stable for various foreign interests. Georgia is in the phase where infrastructure and conditions already are substantially improved for tourist purposes. However, the huge tourist-boom is still to come, so Georgia remains a unique source for uncovered treasures, authentic culture and special experiences.