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In St. Nino's footsteps

Recommended duration: 1 week


Georgia was Christianized by St. Nino from Cappadocia in the 4th century. She entered into the south of Georgia from Armenia, walking a distance of almost 250km through the regions of Samtskhe-Javakheti and Kartli before reaching Mtskheta where king Mirian III had his residence. St. Nino’s arrival to Georgia represents a remarkable human, historical and religious milestone. How could a girl 14-15 years of age manage to convert Georgia to Christianity and which influence did Christianity have on the future development and consolidation of the Georgian nation?


We will follow the same route that St. Nino did, and learn about the characteristics of the Georgian Orthodox Church, as well as its role in development and survival of the Georgian nation. Travelling in St. Nino's footsteps gives you the unique opportunity to explore some of the most significant sites and monuments in Georgia with reference to different historical periods.


The natural culmination will take place in the historical capital Mtskheta, the place of destination for St. Nino. It was here King Mirian III initially did not accept Chrisitianity, however finally changing his mind declaring Orthodox Christianity as state religion in Georgia. The church Svetitskhoveli is situated in Mtskheta, and is one of UNESCO's heritage sites and one of the most significant churches in Georgian Christian history.



St. Nino from Cappadocia