Cultural Travel - Georgia

    close to people - close to tradition

Tour 1: Vibrant traditions

Duration: 7 days between arrival and departure at Tbilisi airport

You will first be introduced to the capital Tbilisi, a cultural crucible with a population of different cultural, religious and ethnic background. We will reveal for you the contrast between old and new, between heritage and tradition on the one side and modern life style and globalization on the other. At the same time you will experience Tbilisi as the significant cultural and social center it has been through history, located on the crossroads between Europe and Asia. You will breath the atmosphere of Tbilisi in the old part of the city or along the main Rustaveli Avenue, and experience the amazing cultural heritages like the Sioni and Anchishkhati churches, the sulfur baths, the fortress of Narikala as well as museums and galleries.

Next experience will be Mtskheta, the historical capital of Georgia located at the meeting point of the rivers Mtkvari and Aragvi. The UNESCO heritage sites Svetitskhoveli and Djvari are situated here, and are two of the most significant churches in Georgian Christian history. Also in Mtskheta we can see the interaction between old and new, as the city center is partly restored and partly rebuilt, giving a modern atmosphere but in old style and with traditional architecture.

Heading north following the military highway into the Caucasus mountains, we will experience real village-life in the village of Sno not far away from the small city of Stepantsminda. Sno is also the birthplace of the Patriarch of Georgia, Ilia II. We will do the spectacular trip up to the monastery of Gergeti's Sameba fronting the mountain of Khazbegi and with panorama view over Stepantsminda city. The further approach towards the Russian border gives you the chance to experience the astonishing change in nature, mountain-formations and light. En route we will taste and bring with us different mineral waters available from natural springs.

The Kakheti-region is the main area for wine-cultivating. We will visit the Tsinandali Estate of Alexander Chavchavadze. Thereafter we will approach the city of Sighnaghi, situated on the hill with astonishing view towards the Caucasus mountains. Sighnaghi is a main cultural center in the Kakhetian region, a picturesque city with carved wooden balconies, tile roofs and romantic cobble stone streets. The Bodbe Monastery is located close to Sighnaghi, and is the resting-place of St. Nino, the woman bringing Christianity to Georgia. Her tomb is still shown in the church, and for Georgians this is a place for prayer and contemplation.


Georgian folk ensemble. Erisioni. Photo Badri Vadachkoria © all rights reserved.


Cultural city of Sighnaghi in Kakheti.

Photo: John A. Graham © all rights reserved.


Priest and girl. Photo: Christian Kjelstrup © all rights reserved.