Cultural Travel - Georgia

    close to people - close to tradition

Georgia through the lens

Recommended duration: 1 week


The main scope for the tour Georgia through the lens is photographing in the Georgian environment, and to meet and cooperate with recognized Georgian photographers. The tour is dedicated to individuals or groups with special interest and experience in the sphere of photography.

Main activities:

- Photographing in the Georgian environment. The main options will be:

     1) Architecture and monuments  

     2) City-life  

     3) Village-life  

     4) Nature

- Meeting with recognized Georgian photographers

- Visit galleries and exhibitions.

- Attending social events like "supra" (the Georgian table) and other cultural events.

Georgia provides fantastic environment for photographing. The nature is stunning, with wonderful colors and great variations and diversity within small areas. There are beautiful and ancient monuments and Georgian traditional architecture is significant, with fascinating variations from region to region. Furthermore, the open and friendly nature of Georgians will grant unique possibilities to get close onto objects and events for your photographing.


Misty Caucasus. Photo: Babua Aludauri © all rights reserved.


Veterans. Photo: Levan Chkhatarashvili © all rights reserved.