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Cultural Travel - Georgia


Cultural Travel - Georgia offers cultural tours and excursions. We provide samples of tours and excursions from where we tailor-make content and final itinerary in cooperation with you/your group. We also offer specialized tours aimed to bring you on the inside of a specific part of Georgian tradition or culture. For more details visit tour-drafts and information under Tour samples and Special tours.

-  Sharing our experience  -                    

Cultural Travel - Georgia is our family company with Tamar Lomidze from Georgia and Svend Waage from Norway. Together we have been enjoying the amazing Georgian tradition and culture for many years. Now we want to give you the opportunity to have a taste of what Georgia can offer, ranging from the immense hospitality, the vibrant Georgian culture and tradition to the challenges many Georgians faces in a rapid changing modern Georgian society.

-  Georgia from inside  -

Cultural Travel - Georgia offers a unique possibility to come close to tradition and people in their real environment. We take you into our sphere, and through our network giving you the opportunity to approach and experience Georgia from inside. As one of our guests said: "We became a part of the culture instead of tourists observing from outside".

-  Quality, dedication and care  -

When developing your tours, we utilize our broad qualifications and experience combined with attention to details and focus on new oportunities. We deeply enjoy to share Georgia with our guests, taking care of their comfort and well-beeing, and see their happiness evolving during a successfull tour. As a guest commented: “Cultural Travel – Georgia provided top class guide service combining professionalism with a special personal touch”.

-  Close to our customers  -

We personally perform every step in the service-chain ending up in your tour-product: Planning, itinerary, agreement, invoicing/documentation, organizing and guiding, etc. Accordingly you will only need to relate to one person throughout the process. No bureaucracy, however one familiar contact-point with our immediate "hands on" and comprehensive solutions for any kind of situation.





Tamar and the peasant. Photo: Lars Skjegstad © all rights reserved.

Tamar and Svend "in action". Photo: Lars Skjegstad © all rights reserved.