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Cradle of wine

Recommended duration: 1 week


Cradle of wine is dedicated to individuals or groups who want to taste the full specter of Georgian wines, learn about the history and tradition of Georgian winemaking and the position of the wine at the Georgian table "supra". You will visit various regions famous for its tradition for production and cultivation of wine.


Learning about Georgian wine

- Explore the ancient and traditional way of winemaking like it has been preserved for thousands of years.  

- Study the role of wine as one of Georgia's main cultural heritages throughout history.

- Study the traditional Georgian toasts and the role of the wine at the Georgian table.

- Visit the main wine-regions and the place where wine-cultivating started approximately 8000 years ago.

Enjoying Georgian wine

- Taste a wide specter of wines from the main brands targeting the international market.  

- Taste a variety of wines from local peasants and producers making wine in the traditional way for family/local use.

- Enjoy the wine at real "supras" (Georgian table) with the toasts and traditional cuisine.

Understanding the Georgian wine-tradition is a key to get on the inside of Georgian tradition. Wine has always been one a main cultural heritages in the Georgian society, in building of relations, as well as during celebrations and rituals. Tasting Georgian wine means equally tasting the flavor of Georgian tradition, friendship and hospitality.



Marani - Georgian winecellar.

Photo: John Wyrdeman © all rights reserved.