Cultural Travel - Georgia

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Coloring Georgia

Recommended duration: 2 weeks


The main scope for the tour Coloring Georgia is to paint/draw/sketch in the Georgian landscape and to meet distinguished Georgian painters in their environment. The tour is dedicated to individuals or groups with experience or background in the sphere of visual art.

Main activities:

- Painting/drawing/sketching in the Georgian environment. The main options will be:

     1) Mountain environment  

     2) Rural environment  

     3) People/city environment  

     4) Medieval monuments.

- Following up and doing additional work in our Tbilisi atelier.

- Meeting with distinguished painters in their own environment.

- Visit galleries and exhibitions.

- Arrange a final exhibition with your works performed during the tour.

- Master-classes can be considered on case by case basis.

Georgia provides perfect environment for painting and exploration of visual art. The nature is stunning, with wonderful colors and great variations and diversity within small areas. Furthermore, the open and friendly nature of Georgians provides to a sound atmosphere of authenticity, comfort and creativity. Visual art has an important place in Georgian culture, with fascinating traditions within spheres of painting, enamel, frescos and icons etc.


The painter Ilia Patashuri. Photo: Levan Chkhatarashvili © all rights reserved.


Tamar in old Tbilisi. Photo: Svend Waage © all rights reserved.