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Enjoy folk songs

Recommended duration: 1 - 2 weeks


Enjoy folk songs is dedicated to groups or choirs who both want to learn about Georgian folk song tradition and

to learn performing the songs. You will meet and learn from the best authorities, join concerts and dive into the

traditional environment of the folk songs, like at the Georgian table, or in the sphere of the Georgian family.


Learning about the song tradition:

- Prior to travel we will provide information and written material about the Georgian folk song tradition.  

- Prior to travel we will guide you about recommended recordings of Georgian folk songs.

- You will meet singers, academics and other authorities on Georgian folk songs.

- You will enjoy the songs listening to rehearsals and concerts with choirs/groups..

- You will enjoy listening to the songs at the traditional feast and in meetings with locals and "singing families".


Performing the Georgian folk songs:  

-  Seminars/rehearsals with Svend.  

-  Seminar/rehearsals with Georgian authorities on Georgian folk songs.

-  Concert performance.

-  Singing at Georgian traditional feast and non official occasions together with friends/locals/singers, etc.

-  Documenting your achievements through a recording-session at the end of your stay.

Enjoy folk songs gives you the opportunity to learn a completely new tradition of singing. The songs vary from the complex to the most simple, and are ideal for both beginners and professionals who want new challenges and experiences. You will also approach the songs in their natural environment giving you the possibility of in depth experience with Georgian tradition and culture. The hospitaliy and relaxed attitude among Georgians will add to your comfort once you will take on learning and performing the folk songs.



Georgian folk songs with ensemble Erisioni. Photo: Badri Vadachkoria © all rights reserved.


Ensemble Giorgi. Photo: Ensemble Giorgi © all rights reserved.