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We are happy to announce 3 tours in 2014 open for individual registration. We are also pleased to present general samples of our cultural tours and excursions. These are the basic framework based on scheduled 7 day tours and 1 - 3 days excursions. Upon request we will liaise with you or your group for customizing all plans and schedules in accordance with your requirements. We will finally provide a fully tailor made itinerary including all events, meetings, cultural happenings, making the tour a real Cultural Travel - Georgia - adventure.


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Vibrant traditions  -  Monuments of history  -  Treasures of Caucasus

Main conditions:

- We normally utilize small groups up to 12 guests, however we do also work on larger groups upon request.

- Groups ranging from 6 - 12 guests are always followed by 2 hosts/guides.

- Our service is all inclusive: All meals/accommodation, ground transportation, hosts, entrance fees, feasts/                  banquets, cultural arrangements.

- Other facilitating services included, like refreshments, phone/internet-service, basic medical assistance.


We combine flexibility, quality and extraordinary travel-experiences for our guests with safe and comfortable environment. Please approach us through our contact-details (also available from the main menu) for any request. Prices will be provided on request together with draft itinerary.



Mountain-life. Photo: Levan Chkhatarashvili  ©  all rights reserved.


Tbilisi in the evening. Photo: Levan Chkhatarashvili © all rights reserved.