Cultural Travel - Georgia

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Culture in depth

We are pleased to offer an extension of our sample tours/excursions: Upon request we are happy to offer our in depth service within specific cultural spheres and topics. If you have interests within certain cultural spheres, we will tailor-make your tour accordingly. Which cultural sphere(s) do you want to focus on? How much do you want to go into depth? We can offer the whole specter ranging from our standardized tour samples to a fully tailor made tour with the activities centered round your chosen cultural spheres and topics.

We have chosen sectors within the most distinctive parts of Georgian culture, and we are utilizing expertise in the actual field available either within our organization or in cooperation with our close partners.

The Orthodox Church

Experience the alive church tradition, a corner-stone in the Georgian society uniting young and old.

The tradition of wine

Learn about one of the oldest winemaking-traditions in the world with unique cultivation, tastes and toasts.

Georgian cuisine

Get to know the extraordinary tasty and sophisticated Georgian kitchen


Lomisi Church in Mleta. Photo: Babua

Aludauri © all rights reserved.

Wedding - the priest and the bride. Photo: Levan Chkhatarashvili © all rights reserved.


The Georgian folk songs

Find yourself in the middle of the vibrant song tradition, unique in its character, improvisation and polyphonic nature.


Art of painting

Dive into the Georgian history of painting and the manifold of technics, styles and expressions.


Visual art

Pottery, enamel, wood/stone-carving, goldsmith and carpets are some of the distinctive traditional arts and handworks you can learn to know.


Georgian language

Explore the Georgian language unique with its specific alphabet without any confirmed link to the main language families.


Fortresses, monasteries and monuments

Travel centuries back in time to ancient caves, churches, stone villages and fortresses.


Fairy-tales, legends and myths

Explore this tradition in its natural environment with local story-tellers


Khadi Gorge in Mtiuleti

Photo: Babua Aludauri © all rights reserved.

Khvitcha Kvtisiashvili playing the panduri. Photo: Ensemble Egari © all rights reserved.