Cultural Travel - Georgia

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Customer quotes 2013


Ann-Brit Udahl from Oslo, Norway

"Incredible following up from the guides - and to be given possibilities to meet people in their homes was great".


Elin Bonde from Oslo, Norway

"Because of your informal care and attention, positive spirit and good service, I did not feel like a tourist. Your following up and involvement always matched the mood in the group".

Arnhild Stenberg from Asker, Norway

"The travel was very educational and the adventures exceeded any expectations. Besides your profound knowledge, you were both also skilful story-tellers. This is one of the best holidays I have ever had".


Tormod Smedstad from Oslo, Norway

"We had a unique and eventful travel. A holiday unlike anything else".


Kjersti Mauer from Oslo, Norway

"Georgia is a wonderful and beautiful country with an interesting history and culture, and for us a pretty exotic adventure. But most important was the enthusiasm and credibility in your performance - having in depth knowledge about the country, and the ability to see Georgia both from inside and from a visitors point of view".


Jorunn Øien Sogge from Ås, Norway

"It was a fantastic travel to Georgia, one complete adventure from the very beginning to the very end".


Hanne Birkeland from Oslo, Norway

"You really made us feel like appreciated guests - and after some time even like old friends that could both

laugh and become emotionally touched together".


The cave city of Vardzia. Photo: Svend Waage © all rights reserved.