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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)  


Most of the flights seem to be arriving Tbilisi airport in the middle of the night? What are the options if we want to arrive at more decent time?

- That is right, many arrivals are in the night/early morning. There are, however, some arrivals at more convenient time such as one of Turkish Airline's arrivals and the arrivals from Amsterdam, Paris and Vienna with Georgian Airways. For more info about current flight schedules on Tbilisi International Airport, please see "flight info" under the information-menu.


Who needs visa for entering Georgia and what are the procedures?

- Citizens from a number of countries inclusive the US and countries in the European Union do not need visa for Georgia. See here for more info and contact your nearest Georgian embassy or consulate for visa issues if you have any questions.


Following the conflict in the regions Abkhazia and South-Ossetia, are there any places or areas in Georgia one should avoid travelling to?

- Russia is controlling the de facto borders between these regions and the rest of the Georgian territory, and it is not possible to enter into these regions. We recommend you accordingly not to approach these regions or the areas by the de facto borders. Otherwise, current situation with Abkhazia and South-Ossetia does not at all impose any risk nor restricton with regard to traveling to any other regions or places in Georgia. On general basis we recommend you to follow instructions and recommendations given by the foreign authorities in your native country.


What languages are necessary to know travelling in Georgia? Is English sufficient or is also Russian required in order to get around easily both in cities as well as rural and remote areas?

- In Tbilisi you will manage quite well with English language. However for rural and more remote areas Russian language is necessary. English language skills are improving among young people, especially in the cities. Take note that Georgians will not be offended if you address them in Russian language.


What are the required or recommended vaccinations for Georgia?

- Vaccinations could include hepatitis A and B, polio, tetanus-diphtheria and typhoid. However, actual vaccinations required for you also depend on for example your earlier vaccination scheme. We recommend you to contact qualified health personnel and follow their recommendations with regard to vaccinations.

Are there any common/basic medical remedies I should bring with me?

- You may feel more comfortable bringing medical remedies with you purchased from a pharmacy you know and trust. On the other hand there are serious pharmacy-chains in Georgia and all basic medical remedies are available.

What are the most important rules and habits entering into a Georgian orthodox church?

- Women should cover their head with a shawl (they are often available in the churches but you may prefer to bring your own), and men should wear long trousers (shorts is not allowed). Inside the church you may speak, but softly not to disturb eventual ceremonies or the general atmosphere of peace and contemplation. You do not need to be orthodox in order to light candles in the church. In many churches they do not allow you to take photos or videos, so ask a priest or person working in the church if you are in doubt.


How is the availability of ATMs?

- In the major cities ATMs are easily available. Pay however attention that some banks define Georgia as a part of Europe while other banks define Georgia as a part of Asia. Therefore be advised to check this issue with your bank prior to travel and make sure that your bank-card/credit-card is open for operation in the actual defined area.


What are the preferred currencies in case I will bring cash?

- USD and EUR are the prefered currencies having to be exchanged into the local currency GEL here in Georgia, as payment is effected in local currency. If you prefer to rely on using cards we anyway recommend you to bring some cash as back up in case of unforeseen situations.


Is it OK to drink water from the tap?

-  Even if it s not dangerous, we recommend not to drink water from the tap. There is a possibility that drinking tap-water in the cities may cause stomache-related discomfort. We therefore suggest drinking bottled water to avoid unnecessary risk and discomfort. 


Is there any kind of food or specific dishes I should avoid or be careful with?

- Most of the Georgian food and dishes are made from basic fresh natural food products and rarely from half-prepared products. Serious individuals and service providers are very concerned about hygienics and the quality of the basic food products. On the other hand, since the dishes are different from what you are used to and also the flora of germs are different, there is a possibility that you could experience some stomach-related discomfort. We suggest that you are a little careful with products like fruit and ice-cream from the beginning, to go for peeled or cooked variants when eating vegetables and make sure the meat is properly boiled or fried.


Are there any restrictions or special procedures for bringing arts and antiques out of Georgia?

- Certain objects require a permission from the Ministry of Culture in order to bring them out of Georgia. If objects/souvernirs are bought in official souvernir-shops the personnel should be able to provide all necessary advices and instructions on the issue. If you buy form a private person or directly from the artist it may be necessary to check the requirements for the actual object. In general permission from the Ministry of Culture is required for valuable old antique art and for both old and contemporary fine arts.