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Georgian culture in Norwegian TV

Cultural Travel - Georgia was fascilitator when the prominent Norwegian journalist Hans-Wilhelm Steinfeld was making reports from Georgia for the Norwegian National Broadcasting Corporation's Sunday news edition. Reports have been shown from Gergetis Sameba and Sno in the Caucasus mountains, from Signagi in the wine region of Kakheti, as well as a report on Georgian folk song tradition. We will keep you updated as a 4th report is expected to be released as well. Click the below links for watching the released reports.

Georgian mountain tradition      

Svend Waage and Georgian folk songs

Georgian wine tradition


Poetry, fairytales and legends

Summer 2012 Cultural Travel - Georgia received guests, actors from Det Norske Teatret (the Norwegian Theater), with a special interest for Georgian fairytales and legends. We were running seminars on the subjects in co-operation with Mary Tsiklauri, professor in folklore at Tbilisi State University.

In December 2012 the actors arranged two events in Det Norske Teatret, one was a poetry evening with Georgian lyrics and the second was a performance for children based on Georgian fairytales. Cultural Travel - Georgia was present participating in the events.


Georgian culture - Tamar and Svend featuring

Norwegian radio

Tamar and Svend presented Georgian culture in the program Transit in the Norwegian National Broadcasting (NRK). Svend's cultural work in Georgia was also presented in the news edition Verden på lørdag.    

Georgian television

Tamar and Svend have participated in several productions in Georgian television, promoting Georgian culture and folk tradition in Channels like Rustavi 2, Imedi and Ertsulovneba.

Presentation of poems

Tamar has been presenting her poems and art work at different occasions, for example at the Tbilisi central library.

Georgian folk songs  

Svend is promoting the Georgian-Norwegian Ensemble Giorgi and the mighty folk songs from Georgia.

Art of painting

Tamar presents examples of her art of painting.

Knut Hamsun in the Caucasus

Svend is reciting the famous Norwegian author Knut Hamsun in Olga Zghenti's film about his visit to Caucasus and Georgia.

Translating literature  

Tamar and Svend are translating Norwegian children literature to Georgian and Georgian fairytales to Norwegian.



The cultural city of Signagi. Photo: John Graham © all rights reserved.


Georgian fairytales at the Norwegian Theatre. Photo: Lars Skjegstad © all rights reserved.


Tamar Lomidze

   Svenad Waage


Tamar - painting in old Tbilisi

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