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Customer quotes 2014


Lars Kjennerud from Heggedal, Norway

"A fantastic tour with numerous and exciting experiences thanks to Svend, Tamar and Gocha, and their friends. If you want to visit Georgia and get on the inside of the culture, contact Cultural Travel – Georgia!".


Inger Marie Østby from Oslo, Norway

"Make the trip now! If you want to experience where we are coming from, make the travel to Georgia. Here they have managed to maintain the culture, and the church and wine-tradition goes hand in hand. Enough space and not  overcrowded by tourists. Travel "better than all inclusive" with Tamar and Svend. They are providing so much extra, so just make the reservation".

Nina and Jacob Jacobsen from Heggedal, Norway

"Thank you for an extraordinary hospitality and stay in Georgia – a small country, but still large in its history, culture, folk-music, religion and gastronomy".

Birgit Schjerven and Thomas Mauritzen Oslo, Norway

"We had a wonderful trip, experiencing magnificent nature, a rich culture, exciting cuisine, a unique viniculture and pleasant meetings with people. The program was properly balanced and our tour-leader had in depth knowledge, was inspiring, flexible, and fully taking care of all practical matters".


Torill Hennig from Heggedal, Norway

"The service provided by our hosts Svend and Tamar exceeded any expectation I had in advance. They had a genuine interest in making our travel experiences as great as possible, and were all the time attentive with their service, answers on all kind of questions about Georgia, and contributing with legends, history and other relevant knowledge. But not to forget; they involved themselves personally, creating an atmosphere where we did not feel like tourists anymore".


Reidun Alnes Antonsen from Røyken, Norway

"I give my warmest recommendation to travel with Cultural Travel - Georgia guided by Svend and Tamar. They have the know-how, are generous, friendly, service-minded, well organized, and are communicating the history and culture of Georgia with pride and delight".




Katskhis sveti. Photo: Ivane Japaridze © all rights reserved.