Cultural Travel - Georgia

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Cultural exchange

"Cultural Travel - Georgia" is engaged in cultural exchange, promoting Georgian culture abroad, as well as strengthening bilateral cultural relations between Georgia and foreign countries.

We consider the cultural sphere as one of the most important arenas for development of cooperation and understanding. The main scopes of our work is:

- to promote Georgian folklore and tradition abroad

- to promote Georgian folklore and tradition for guests visiting Georgia

- to support exchanges between Georgian and foreign artists and cultural organizations

Development and accomplishment

We may play an active role in the development and profile of a project, the carrying out the project, as well as evaluations and conclusions. For such projects we share the ownership and overall project-responsibility with co-partners and/or actual artists/performers.

Administration and management

We may also provide only administrative and management-services. This can be services like project planning and control, management of tour/performance and reporting/evaluation. For such projects we only provide requested services on behalf of project-owner.